You have permission to be exactly as you are. Your direct experience of this present moment is not only valid, but necessary for your evolution. Whatever is here, now, contains the most power and potential for transformation. So let us give it space, meet it with curiosity, and allow it to guide us back to the Self that resides at the core of every being - the Self that is inherently calm, centered, connected, and complete.

all of you is
welcome here.

Trust. Surrender. Transform.

Hi love,

I'm Julianne, and I'm here to hold space for truth and vulnerability.

I support people to meet themselves with honesty and vulnerability so that they can be empowered to live more sensational, vibrational lives. 

My personal healing journey has taken me around the world to learn from transformational facilitators, somatic psychotherapists, shamans, tantrikas, and story-tellers. Along the way, I've cultivated deep reverence for the wisdom of the body and the natural world.

Healing core wounds requires a safe space to feel emotions and be witnessed without judgment. I catalyze transformation by meeting the world with loving presence and sharing the embodied wisdom of my experiences. 

Certified Addiction Recovery & Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach
Being True To You LLC

Nativ Graduate
280-hour training in the Art of Transformational Facilitation by Shachar Caspi & Arynn Dvir

Other long-format trainings & experiences include:
- Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators (Monique Darling & Peter Peterson)
- Priestess Initiation, Yoni Awakening and Water Ritual (Monique Darling, Taina Ixchel & Taylor Valdez)
- Integral Tantra Training (Kat Fleming)

1-1 sessions

Private sessions are unique to each individual and transformational by nature. I meet the client where they're at and we move at their pace. Human beings are naturally oriented toward homeostasis, and we each have an inner healing intelligence that speaks to us through our bodies. These sessions are opportunities to slow down into presence, tune into deep listening, and follow the wisdom of the body in order to support its natural healing process.

A teacher of mine once said, "If the body keeps the score, then the mind hides it." The mind is an expert at insulating us from our own emotions. It uses whatever means necessary to prevent vulnerability - repressing emotions, distorting memories, inventing personalities, telling stories... The gateway to deep healing and liberation is through the ever-present body that always tells the truth and, when granted loving awareness and a safe space to feel, has an incredible capacity to integrate the mind, body and soul.

Embodied integration is at the core of this work.
I offer clients a wide range of mindfulness and somatic tools that support them to:

- Access and release emotional charges that are stuck in their body
- Regulate their nervous system
- Investigate and heal their core wounds
- Discover and let go of their limiting beliefs
- Witness their direct experience with curiosity and compassion
- Expand their capacity to be with challenging emotions
- Become comfortable in the unknown
- Embody a healthy and integrated sense of Self

* 1-1 sessions are held remotely over video call *

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It is courageous to embark on the journey to the true Self.
It is even more brave to ask for support.


The workshops that I offer are fields of permission for people to show up exactly as they are and be witnessed by others in their authentic experience. Play, curiosity, exploration, humor and innocence are the core frequencies that support participants as they journey into unseen waters together. The wisdom of the group and safety of the container allow participants to explore and express hidden parts of themselves, and expand into new ways of being.

The group field is extremely dynamic and full of potential, and every group is unique in its collective needs, desires and vibration. I facilitate groups from a place of deep presence and attunement to what the group needs from moment to moment. I offer embodied experiences that support participants to land new insights and self-discoveries.

Workshops revolve around themes that have had the most profound impact on my own personal journey.
Some of these themes are:

- Letting go of identities and limiting beliefs
- Boundaries and consent
- Sensuality, touch and pleasure
- Emotional release
- Dance, movement, and contact improvisation
- Inner child work
- Vulnerability
- Intimacy, connection and authentic relating

* Workshops are held in-person and remotely over video *

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